What can I do to make better creations?

Here you will find tips and examples on how to make better videos and thus get better pay.

Content Overview

  1. Ideas for the realization of your videos

  2. Follow the artist's recommendations & inspiration

  3. Choose sounds that you like yourself

  4. Embody the mood of the song

  5. Share your creation with others

  6. Stay true to your content style

  7. Pay attention to quality and authenticity 

Ideas for the realization of your videos:

  • Realize one of the concepts of the reference videos of the campaign
  • Make a lipsync video or pose to match the song. With a lipsync video, always make sure that you know the lyrics by heart and move your lips correctly to the lyrics.
  • Use effects: Make a transition to match the beat/drop (before and after, without make-up - with make-up, etc.), a slow motion (e.g. during sport, dancing, etc.).
  • Make a dance video for the song (your own choreography or that of the artist themselves)
  • Make a POV video, create a suitable concept (e.g. "List reasons..." or "What this song does to me...")
  • Use content that matches the song and edit your video to match the beat
  • Show something in your video that is said in the lyrics of the song or is contained in the song title
  • Make a GRWM (Get ready with me) or create a vlog to match the song

Follow the artist's/ advertiser's recommendations & inspiration:

When using an artist's sound, check out the Creative Inspiration. Try to follow the instructions and recommendations to connect with their vision and create a better creation. You can find these in the collaboration under Inspiration & Rules (see image).


Choose campaigns that you like yourself

By choosing campaigns that you personally like, you can ensure that you are passionate and enthusiastic about your creation. This will be reflected in the quality and overall impression of your video.

Embody the mood of the song

When creating a video for a song, try to reflect the character and atmosphere of the song in your video. Use visual elements, camera angles and edits to capture and enhance the mood of the song.

Share your creation with others

Activate all sharing settings such as Duet, Stitch etc. so that other creators can interact with your video. This enables a wider reach and opens up the possibility for creative collaborations or inspiring feedback.

Stay true to your content style

Develop a unique style for your creations and stay true to it. This will help build your brand as a creator and create a recognizable trademark. Experiment with different techniques and styles, but maintain a consistent aesthetic.

Pay attention to quality and authenticity 

  1. Good lighting: Make sure you have enough light for your shots. Avoid filming against the light, as this can lead to unclear or overexposed shots. Use natural light sources such as daylight or supplement them with artificial lighting to create a clear and visible scene.
  2. Clean camera lenses: Check that the lens of your camera is clean before every shot. Fingerprints or dust on the lens can impair the image quality. Clean the lens carefully with a soft cloth to ensure that your shots are sharp and clear.
  3. No background noise: Make sure that the song is clearly in the center and that you use the sound from TikTok. If you have created your video with an app such as CapCut, please make sure that you set the original sound in the volume settings to 0% and the added sound to 100% so that your creation is not criticized. Disturbing noises such as overdubs, wind, street noise etc. can distract from the actual message of your creation and lead to your video being reported and not paid for.
  4. Format: Please make sure that your video is filmed in portrait format (vertical video). Adapt the footage to the 9:16 ratio to ensure that your creations are displayed optimally on mobile devices. The right format helps to enhance the visual experience and keep viewers' attention.
  5. Be yourself: Authenticity is crucial to connect with your audience.Show your personality and be yourself in your creations.Show your passion, be creative and let your uniqueness shine through in your videos. This will make your creations special and appeal to viewers