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The ultimate campaign guide for artists & labels

Be it the correct delivery of the snippet, the ideal briefing, or best practices and learnings. Here you'll find everything you need to know about a SongPush campaign.

TikTok is the #1 platform when it comes to song discovery & effective music marketing.




What areas does an artist need to consider for a successful TikTok release? How can I gain long-term reach & fans for my music?



1) Start time of the TikTok-snippet to your Sound

The start time of the snippet is not only the most important factor for a successful SongPush campaign, but also for a successful release strategy on social media.

On the other hand, the attention span of a TikTok user is very short (+- 10 seconds), i.e. a video with a sound only has a few seconds to "hook" the user and grab his attention.

Therefore, it is essential to place the strongest part of the song right at the beginning of the delivered snippet.

Very few creators on TikTok bother to select a specific part of the snippet in TikTok's editing program. We have also observed this behavior in many of our campaigns!


What do I need to consider when delivering the snippet and before starting a SongPush campaign?

Identify the strongest part of the song
Select timecode (e.g. 2:08) and have your digital distributor deliver that exact spot on TikTok about 2-3 weeks before streaming release.

Tips for identifying the strongest part:
Find parts of the song that...

  • ...are easy to quote
  • ...are very catchy and stay in your head
  • ...have a cool energy
  • ...have a hook for a cool video and make it easy for creators to make a video

We always recommend that a sound has a highlight after 3-4 seconds, e.g. a drop or a super concise part of the lyrics or similar, in order to create the coolest creations possible.


Examples of ideal song snippets:

1. AMIR THE KID | Good because? The snippet serves as the ideal hook for the briefing.


2. Milky Chance | Good because? It is a sequence full of energy.


3. OMAR | Good because? The sequence is super catchy and easy to quote and remember. 



2) The correct briefing including example videos

When setting up a SongPush campaign, it is possible to add both a briefing (currently 511 characters) and reference videos.


Please note:
You have the option to make the briefing mandatory or leave if optional for creators to follow.

What makes a good briefing?

In a four-digit number of campaigns, we have already been able to learn some lessons about strong and weaker briefings. Basically:

The easier it is for a creator to create a video with the sound, the higher the chance that the brief will be followed.

Examples of great briefings:

  1. AMIR THE KID - “Hoodie”
    "Show yourself wearing a hoodie by your loved ones and create a lip-sync video matching the sound."

  2. Glockenbach & Joel Corry “YEAH”
    “Feel the energy at the drop and show yourself and your friends having a great time"

  3. Nico Santos - “Number 1”
    “[Use the filter in the reference videos] || What is your "Number 1?" Use the filter from the reference videos to find out what your "Number 1" activity will be this summer and show your Reaction! 😄😍 Tag @nicosantos_official in your post for bonus points!"

  4. Universell anwendbar:
    “Do a lip-sync or create a POV video of you going off to the song or just having a good time”

A bad briefing may overwhelm the creators, for instance:

"Show the impact of social media on socioeconomics with your video".

Currently we can't expect miracles from our creators yet, especially if the payout per video is between 1€-5€.


Bonus: CapCut templates & filters:

What is a CapCut template?

CapCut templates make life easier for creators in most cases, as they save time and often take the pain out of creating a video.

The idea behind it is simple:
The CapCut template is used to create a concept that matches the song, so the creator's integrated videos are more likely to match the sound.

Example of a successful SongPush campaign with CapCut template:
FAST BOY | Start
FAST BOY - “Good Life”

The goal here was to ideally include the song "Good Life" in videos. The briefing was:

”Use the CapCut template from the reference video to show your "Good Life" moments! 😍 Add a 5 sec video at the beginning of the template and then fill the other clips with the best "Goodlife" videos from your gallery! 🫶🏼 Tag (in the caption) and follow @wearefastboy for bonus points 😊 The song will be released on 14.07., follow FAST BOY on Spotify until then❤️”

First, the artist posts a sample video on TikTok to provide some sort of "guidance" to other creators and encourage them to use the CapCut template:

The SongPush campaign subsequently generated hundreds of videos from creators who also used the CapCut template:






As an alternative to CapCut templates, TikTok filters can also be created. Across all campaigns, we tend to see higher adherence to the brief in terms of template usage with CapCut templates.

Want a CapCut template created with your sound for the next release? You can request it  here!

Reference videos:

Ideally, as an artist, you create the first reference video to show all creators on TikTok how your sound should ideally be used.

Use existing videos with your sound as reference videos or request cool videos from your network. If the SongPush campaign is already running, you can also look for creative creations and use them as inspiration for new concepts for your sound usage.


3) Further tips & best practices

  • Important:
  • We strongly recommend creating content around the release in addition to a SongPush campaign. This should be several videos with the sound of the artist himself but also in the network of friends & acquaintances. Building your own creator network is also helpful!
  • As a final checkup, after snippet, briefing & reference videos are in place, you should ask yourself the question: "If I were a creator - would I want to create a video for this?"
  • It is possible - by request to SongPush - to limit the price per video for creators. The campaign is then globally limited to a fixed price for all creators.
    • Advantage: More videos and views can be generated for the same budget (CPM ↑, Cost per Creation ↑).
    • Disadvantage: Larger creators, who tend to be high quality, are narrowed down and less likely to create a video for sound
  • A SongPush campaign is no guarantee of a viral TikTok hit or direct conversion on streaming platforms. SongPush can only enable a predictable number of videos in a short period of time with a very favorable CPM.
  • By generating several hundred videos per day, we have already been able to tag sounds by Nico Santos, MUDI, Milky Chance, Rae Garvey, AMIR THE KID, Liaze and many more:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-27 um 22.39.28
Usually this results in an organic increase in reach. At the same time, this can be used as a strong argument in the DSP re-pitch or even later possibly for a TikTok banner.

SongPush is also a song discovery platform. Listed songs from campaigns are seen, listened to and saved by thousands of creators every day.

The best part? The song from the campaign is also subtly marketed directly to participating creators with high advertising recall themselves.